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Toscana Bianco IGT Colombaio Bianco

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Colombaio Bianco Toscana IGT
Colombaio Bianco Toscana IGT

The tradition evolves and takes new shape in the present: this is our Colombaio Bianco. The maximum expression of a still white wine obtained from the union of white grapes of the Chianti tradition and a modern vinification. If in the past Trebbiano and Malvasia were used to give life to the Chianti Classico, today, vinified separately, they express the Tuscan personality in a completely modern and original way.

Grape variety

40% Trebbiano, 40% Malvasia, 20% Chardonnay / Sauvignon / Pinot Bianco.

Vine training system

Spurred cordon.


The Colombaio Bianco is produced from grapes that grow in the vineyards of the winery, in “Località Cornia”, where they grow at 450 meters above sea level.


Very rich in clay always alternated by Alberese stones and limy sandstone boulders.




First days of September.

Vinification and ageing

The production of Colombaio Bianco begins with a skin maceration, to give a strong personality and spicy varietal hints. A soft pressing and an alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature follows. The aging of about 6 months is carried out for 50% in stainless steel and 50% in large oak barrels.

Tasting notes

Intense straw yellow, finely scented and persistent with a light vanilla flavor.



Serving temperature

16 -18 °C

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